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Seed Startup Hub is an online platform for Startups to meet Advisors, Investors, Incubators and Accelerators. Hub provides a unique opportunity for Advisors to create Appointments and for Startups to book Appointments using the Hub's interactive Calendar

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register as an Advisor in the Hub?
Registering as an Advisor in the Hub is an easy process. The user needs to create their account with an email-ID and password, then create an Advisor profile with the users work experience.
Registering as a Startup in the Hub is an easy process. The user needs to create their account with an email-ID and password, then create a Startup profile with their products list.
Startups can go to an Advisors calendar and check for availability and book an Appointment. Payment is made at time of booking.
Advisors can go to a Startup's profile and poke the Startup. Then the Startup will get a notification about an Advisor trying to meet with them.
Advisors can go to their calendar and create Appointments based on their availability. Including such information as name, duration and fee.
When a Startup books an Appointment the Advisor charges a fee. The Advisor needs to provide their PayPal ID, to which the Appointment fees will be transferred.
YOU set your availability as 8:00 am (NY time) We will be shown YOUR availability automatically as 1:00 pm (London time) MY Time Zone.
John sets availability for 12:00 Noon (NY Time) Joanna will see that same available time as being 5:00 pm (London Time) or Ken at 9 am (West Coast California time)
On your profile page there is a button Rate Advisor.
Members of the Seed Startup Hub can view your profile and give you a rating of up to 5 stars, they can also write a testimonial of their experience in working with you.
They will also need to be registered at the Seed Startup Hub in order to do this.
a) Log In
b) Go to your Profile Page
c) Click on Edit Profile
d) Scroll down until you see PayPal ID
e) Enter your PayPal information.
f) Click on Update at the bottom of the page.
1) What are the Hub Package Fees for Advisors?
-> Click Here
-> *Free Basic Package for Advisors.

2) What are the Hub Package Fees for Startups?
-> *Free for Startups.

3) What is the Hub Calendar Meeting?
-> Hub allows Advisors and Investors to determine their own fees and set up their availability.
-> Startups view available calendar times of Advisors and set a Meeting.
-> 15% Handling Fee & $1.00 transaction fee.